Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Only Life Insurance Policy You Need

No one’s financial plan is complete without life insurance. 

If your financial planner does not incorporate life insurance 
in your financial plan he or she is doing you a tremendous disservice. 

The only question is what type of life insurance.

Limited Value of Term Insurance
While term insurance term insurance can be useful for a young person, recently married, with a mortgage and young children, for older people whose children are grown and who have the potential of acquiring a health problem, term insurance is not the way to go. 

Term insurance is just what the words alludes to. It's for a term of years and then it's no more. If you have an option to keep it and do so, your premium jumps significantly higher. 

Forgetting term, for most of us a choice need to be made among four types of life insurance: a preferred whole life, 20 pay whole life, whole life with modified death benefits, and a whole life final expense .

Final Expense Whole Life Policy
If you have a preferred whole life or a 20 pay whole life already in place, then the only type of life insurance policy you still must have is a whole life final expense policy.

You need a whole life final expense policy to provide your family the money when they need it – a policy which will pay all the costs associated with your funeral and burial expenses within 24 hour of the documents being received while you are waiting on the other policies to pay out.

The other policies may be designed to provide for a lifetime income for your surviving family and may take take several weeks or more to pay out. However, only the whole life final expense policy will give your family immediate benefits.

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