Friday, February 14, 2020

Don’t Be Without A Final Expense Policy

A  final expense policy is a permanent life insurance product which provides coverage throughout the insured’s lifetime.

It combines a death benefit with a savings element. 

A final expense policy also has level premiums throughout with the proceeds being made immediately available to pay off final expenses. 

Such expenses can include funeral costs, medical bills, or other associated expenses.

Burial Insurance
Also called burial insurance, final expense policies are typically inexpensive and offer benefits generally from $2,500 to up to $25,000. 

They often do not require medical exams and are favored by seniors on fixed incomes as an economic way to cover final expenses.

A Sense of Peace and Security
If you have Social Security, Medicare, and either a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage, then you need a Final Expense policy to cover all of your bases. 

You will then feel a sense of peace and security knowing that you will not have to burden your loved ones in any way.

Applying is easy and simple. No height or weight requirements. Most health conditions accepted. 

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