Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans must cover all of the services that Original Medicare covers except hospice care. 

Original Medicare covers hospice care even if you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan. 

In all types of Medicare Advantage Plans, you are covered for emergency and urgent care. Many Medicare Advantage Plans offer emergency coverage outside of the plan’s service area and many offer emergency coverage outside of the U.S..

In addition, many Medicare Advantage Plans offer extra benefits such as dental care, eyeglasses,  wellness programs and free health club memberships. Most Medicare Advantage Plans include Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D). 

Besides, your Part B premium, you may pay one monthly premium for the plan’s medical and prescription drug coverage. Plan benefits can change from year to year. Make sure you understand how a plan works before you join. 

Click this link Medicare Enrollment Process to get all your questions answered and to join a Medicare Advantage Plan that meets your needs. 

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