Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Don't Buy Health Insurance Until You Read This

Keep Regular Dental Visits
It has been said that the best health insurance is moderation. 

However, even though you may be conscientious enough to get a regular physical examination, you may unexpectedly experience symptoms that may require you to get an urgent examination to find out what’s going on and to get treatment.

If hospitalization is necessary, then you have to get admitted. To meet these expenses without insurance can wreck havoc on your bank account.

According to the National Association of Health Underwriters, only 5 percent of Americans get their health coverage from an individual health insurance policy. Individual health insurance is a type of health care coverage that is provided to individuals rather than to employers or organizations. It can be sold to an individual or to a family.

There are 4 major advantages to choosing an individual health insurance plan rather than employer-based coverage:
  1. You can customize your coverage, where employer-based coverage may provide limited options.
  2. You have the freedom to pursue better rates with other companies.
  3. Depending on your circumstances, it may be more affordable than employer-based health insurance, particularly if you're paying for coverage via COBRA.
  4. It's not dependent on an employer. Individual health insurance plans protect you no matter where you work.
Maintaining health insurance coverage doesn't have to cost a fortune and neither does dental insurance. Here are a few ways to help keep your health insurance premiums low:
  1. Costs can vary widely depending on the insurer, sometimes by as much as 50 percent for similar plans. Make sure you shop around.
  2. The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly premium. You'll be responsible for more out-of-pocket costs should you need to file a claim, but the money you save on your premium may be well worth the risk.
  3. Keeping yourself healthy can save you money on health insurance costs. Excess weight or tobacco and alcohol usage will drive up your premium.
  4. If a member of your family isn't in perfect health or is of advanced age, it may be more affordable to purchase separate health insurance plans.

Protect yourself and your family with the health insurance coverage you deserve.

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